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Hump Day

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CrossFit KMK - CrossFitWarm-upRooney (No Measure)30sec of each jumping jack,Scottish jump, seal jump, foot fireDynamic Stretch (No Measure)PrepWarm-up (No Measure)3 x through 10 empty can 10 side lunge 1 lap 5 Push-up to down dog 2 TGUStrengthMetcon (No Measure)40 seconds Amrap Manmakers 40 seconds Amrap Burpee Box Jump over or…


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CrossFit KMK - CrossFitWarm-up3-5 min bike/row (No Measure)choose one or bothPrepWarm-up (No Measure)5 1 Arm KBS/Side 5 1 Arm KB Deadlifts/side 10 Groiners 10 Push Up To Down Dog 5 Box JumpMetconMetcon (Time)3 Rounds 21-Cal Row/Ski 15-Burpees Over Bar 9-Thrusters(115/85)Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)16 min AMRAP: Sled Sprint 10 DB Snatch…