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3 Tips to get lean fast

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We all want to be leaner and more muscular, right? Summer is coming, you’ll be going to the beach or pool and no one wants to take their shirt off and look bad at least I don’t.

Here are a few quick tips to get you shredded by summer.

  1. Diet- Keep it simple. Increase protein, lower carbs and sugar. If it run’s, swim’s or fly’s, grows out of the ground and is green eat it. Chicken, Steak, fish for meats and lots of veggies. Feed the machine with good clean healthy food and you will be leaner in no time.
  1. Train smarter not longer- Hit the body part you want to train hard and fast and move on. You do not need an hour of Bicep training.

Try 5 rounds for time,

30 sec sprint

6 pull-ups

9 Kettle bell swings

12 push-ups

Rest 1 min between rounds.


  1. Sprint more and lift heavy weights- Which athletes has a better build, sprinter, running back, or distance runner? In my opinion the sprinter or running back, why? Because they lift heavy weights and do tons of interval sprints.

These are just a few ways to help you get leaner faster.

Watch the carbs, eat clean. Train hard and fast and get the heck out. Plenty of water and proper rest and recovery.