30 for $30

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

We've developed a 1 month trial so you can start to experience results and learn why our unique training approach is so effective.

During this month, you'll be working out in small group classes that are unbelievably fun and totally newbie friendly. We're going to slow down our usual pace (only slightly!) to guide you through the basic movements we do in CrossFit, get you familiarized with proper mechanics and technique, and get your body ready for the more intense workouts.

You've probably heard nutrition is the foundation of good health and that's the absolute truth. That's why during the month, we'll create a personalized nutrition program to fast track your fitness goals.

Because the Foundations program is in a small-group format, the coaches have plenty of opportunity to help you work on technique and get to know your unique goals and needs. For example, not everyone is able to run far or do a lot of push-ups. And that’s ok. We modify the workouts for those just getting in shape. We also crank up the intensity for those that are experienced with training.

Why would we offer all this for only $30? We know after the trial, most people will have enjoyed their experience so much and understand the results they'll achieve if they stick with it, they'll want to join and become full time members. And if you decide not to continue, we completely understand. We'll be happy you gave us a try and you'll leave with fitness and nutrition knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime.

To take part in 30 for $30, fill out the form to the right and here's what'll happen next:

  • Someone from our team will contact you.

  • We'll schedule a time for you to come by the gym.
You'll meet our staff and tour the gym. This is a time for us to get to know you and for you to learn more about us.

  • We'll talk about your fitness goals and develop a plan to best achieve them.

  • We'll even develop a personalized nutrition plan catered to your specific goals.

  • We’ll get you registered during the initial phone call and get your payment info for the 30 bucks.

- Team KMK

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