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Drop it Like A Squat!

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Breaking down the Squat – Batch


The Squat is one of the foundational movements here at Crossfit KMK and the fitness world in general. Properly executing the movement will benefit anyone that is on their own “fitness journey.”

Let’s start with your stance. Feet should be just outside shoulder width and toes forward or turned out slightly. After we have our stance situated, we have to brace our core so we don’t compromise our form. We tell our members to “brace their stomach” like someone is about to punch them. By doing this we are able to stabilize our spine and keep it protected. After we get our stance and brace our core, we can start the movement. From there, we tell our members to push their hips back as if they were going to sit in a chair. It is very important to focus on pushing our hips back first so we stress our hips rather than the knees. Our hips have a greater capability to support weight and if we do not, we could start to experience discomfort in the knee joint. As we descend, we want to continue pushing our weight back, however, at this point we are able to let our knees drift slightly over the toes as long as there is no discomfort. Our goal for any squatting movement is to break the parallel line that is created when the hip goes below the knee. As we hit our bottom position, we do not want to “bounce out of the hole.” What we want to do is to squeeze our hips up, while keeping our chest up and then return to our starting position. Getting proficient at the Squat will transfer towards better knee and hip health, as well as providing a great butt-busting workout.


Try the workout below to burn those buns!

Tabata Squat

20 Seconds of Squats As Fast As Possible

10 Seconds of Rest

Repeat 8 times