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How do we define “results”?

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Everything we do is driven by results. Regardless of what it is, if you don’t produce and improve you won’t succeed. It’s no different when joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer. You expect results.

Results, however, should not be defined simply by the amount of pounds lost. They should be constantly pushing the boundaries of what you are capable of; creating a life of seemingly limitless potential. To do so, we must dive deeper than just the physical activity of exercise. Nutrition, rest, recovery, and levels of stress are just a few of the factors that play into your success.

Whether you’re in your twenties training for performance or entering your sixties looking to strengthen bones and improve mobility, it’s important to have a training program and diet designed appropriately for those needs. Regardless, you need to lift weights, strengthen your muscles and bones and eat properly to fuel muscle growth and improve bone density. This does not mean you will become big and bulky (ladies). It means you become lean, strong, and healthy.

So in the end, how do we define “results”? We define them with overall improvements in our health and level of fitness—well beyond just pounds lost. To guarantee these results, we must be consistent with our training and diet; Nutrition and frequency are the keys to our individual success.

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