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How well are Recovering from your workout?

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How well are you recovering?

How well are you recovering from your daily workouts? Do you find that you are sore for days following a tough training session? Are you feeling as though you cannot train as hard as the week goes on? Maybe you are not doing enough if anything, to help you recover from those sessions. Recovery following rigorous training is arguably as important as training itself. Most of us don’t take the proper amount of time to fully recover for many reasons, time, maybe we just don’t think it is that important. Well, think again. It is that important.

So what can we do to help our bodies recover? There are plenty of ideas out there on what you need to do. So, I’ll list o few that I feel are most beneficial, cost effective and don’t take up hours of your day.

  1. Sleep more- Sleep is probably the most important factor in recovery. As well as most time, consuming and hardest to accomplish. When we are, a sleep is when the body goes into full recovery mode. Repairing all the damage we have done during the previous day. Without proper rest the body cannot fully complete this task. So, try and get 6-8hrs of quality sleep.
  2. Eat- You must have all the proper nutrients on board to help the body perform and recover. Be sure to have a good meal pre-and post workout and they don’t always have to be food. There is nothing wrong with using high quality protein powders to sub in when you don’t have the time for a full meal. Good clean whole foods will do wonders for your recovery and maintaining a healthy body composition. We need appropriate amounts of Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates to both fuel and repair the body. So even if your goal is to decrease body fat, make sure your nutrition is on point so you don’t hinder your progress. There are many different opinions on how to best fuel your body. For more specific help, please feel free to reach out to us.
  3. Hydration- Staying properly hydrated helps literally everything. Recovery, body comp, mental sharpness and performance. Quick rule of thumb, drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water spread over the whole day. So, if you weigh 120lbs drink at least 60 ounces of water per day. Remember your body will only absorb about 1 liter per hour so space it out.
  4. Active recovery- What is active recovery? Light, gentle exercise or stretching to help rid the muscles of that built up lactic acid. Yoga, Cycling, Swimming are all good ways to still get a workout in but give your joints a day off so to speak. Another favorite of mine is deep tissue massage. Finding a good massage therapist can do wonders for aching muscles and joints. So don’t think of getting a message as pampering yourself so much as helping your body recover.


For more tips on how to be more active in recovery feel free to reach out to us at crossFit KMK or stop in for a free workout.


Stay healthy,

Coach Jamie