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Is a Calorie just a Calorie?

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How to lose weight in a nutshell:

At the end of the day, in order to lose weight, you must consume less food than your body needs to maintain its balance.


So let’s just put that in numbers:

Maintain: 2000 Calories are needed(Non Specific Numbers)

Lose weight: < 2000 calories everyday


Once again, this is a random number pulled out and no way should be used as your guideline. Each person has their own caloric needs.


But can it be that simple? Yes it is. Now let’s answer the question in the title. Is a calorie just a calorie? Much to our dismay, it is not how it works. Calories coming from pasta are not the same calories that comes from grilled chicken. One of the key differences is that the pasta require less energy to be broken down which will lead us to those hunger cravings more quickly. Also, if you have ever had a bowl of pasta, it is hard to stop at just 1 and can quickly turn into 2 maybe even 3 bowls. Especially if you are Italian, you know you never get tired of eating pasta, but you will get tired from eating grilled chicken. The benefits to eating more protein rich meals in the diet is that more often than not, they need a higher amount of energy to process them which can lead to more satiated feeling(feeling satisfied) and curbing cravings until your next meal.


Hope you enjoyed a quick little breakdown on why a calorie is not just a calorie. For more information on Nutritional Consults email us at


Coach Andrew