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July 4th nutritional guidelines!

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Very easy to go off track this weekend full of BBQs, so do your best to withhold temptation and stay on course. Couple quick bullet tips to aid you in resisting the urge:


– Have the burger without the bun, put extra lettuce and have it “In the Grass”

– Limit the sugary drink consumption, I do love a good margarita but the sugar and calories can add up quick. Exchange it for a tequila and limejuice with a splash of seltzer and try to keep a 1 water to 1 drink ratio.

– Eat before going to the party, so you get fuller quicker and leave no room to splurge on the decadent desserts!

– Do something active even if you cannot get to the gym. Cornhole and Ladderball doesn’t count as cardio, no matter how much we want it to be. Try a 21 Min EMOM: 1-12 Burpees. 2-25 Air Squats. 3-25 Situps


Hope these tips help, most importantly enjoy your time with friends and family!

-Coach Batch