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Need More Core Work?

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Planking Variations

-Maddie Prangley

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to get that six-pack of your dreams? Traditional planks can get tedious and boring so here are some variations on that regular old plank you know and love in order to ramp up your belly game!

  1. T-stabilization: a variation on the side plank, the t-stabilizer consists of balancing on one’s side at full arm extension with the other arm extended in the air.  If you would like to make it more challenging, add some weight to the arm in the air.
  2. Plank Jack: starting in a regular plank position on your elbows, while maintaining a flat back, jump legs out to a few feet apart and then back in again.
  3. Reverse plank: start out by laying on your back, prop yourself up on your elbows and then lift up your trunk until your body is flat (this one is great for your glutes!)
  4. Extended arms plank: exactly as it sounds, this plank variation involves walking your hands out to a few feet in front of your head
  5. Leg drag: Starting in an arm’s extended plank position, place your feet on a towel (or a magazine/paper plate if you or on a carpet) and use your arms to walk yourself forward dragging your feet behind you.
  6. Yoga ball variations: try out your balance by resting your elbows on a yoga ball (or stability ball), if that starts to feel comfortable, try adding rollouts our moving your elbows in circles alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise. You can also try yoga ball and stability ball push-ups to work on shoulder stabilization.  After that, try placing the yoga ball under your feet while in an arm’s extended plank.  If that feels comfortable, place the ball under your shins and point your toes out, roll the ball down your shins until it ends up under pointed toes (this should feel like pulling yourself into a downward dog position).