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Routine is the Enemy

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Routine is the enemy!


We’ve all been there, we wake up in the morning, get ready for work, as we finish work maybe we go to the gym or the supermarket to prepare for dinner and then make it home. It seems that the whole day was on autopilot, we took the same route that we could take if our eyes were closed and grabbed the same groceries we always do because it is what we like. But what if I told you to take a different way to work or to try a new vegetable that you’ve never had? What would your reaction be? When we break our routine or do something out of the ordinary we can reap insane rewards. That vegetable could help cure some deficiencies in our diet or help prevent us from getting sick. That new way to work, we could find a house that we want and deserve to be for sale on the best block in town. Now these are just examples, but I want you to imagine the routine you do every day and see how changing it a little bit can help influence your life.  Routine is the enemy, it leads to accommodation and doesn’t allow us to grow as an individual. We grow when we adapt, we progress when we stress. So break free and take back your life.


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