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Top Supplements To Help Get Your Gainz

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Top 5 supps to get you Gainz!

He guy’s we are all looking for something to give us a little edge am I right. Need some help adding some muscle or looking to shred that body fat to get ready for summer? I hear ya. We are all in the same boat here, everybody wants to look better naked. So here are a few supplements I like to help get you there.


  1. Protein powder- This is ultra-important to help rebuild the muscles that we just spent an hr breaking down. I like 30-40 grams’ post workout with about 20 grams of carbs right after to keep from losing that hard-earned muscle.
  2. BCAA’s or Branched chained amino acids- This is a very in expensive sup to drink before during or after exercise to help keep the body form using your muscle for energy. I recommend 5-10grams before and during the workout. You can add more in anytime during the day to aid in recovery.
  3. Creatine- This has been around forever and there is a lot of debate over it. I have found with our athletes over the years that using 5grams post workout in my shake to be best. It helps build the muscles own creatine levels to help with short burst training and overall strength. One quick note is that creatine can dehydrate you a bit, so be sure to add some extra water while using it.
  4. Caffeine- paired with aminos is a great way to boost your mental energy before you start your workout. There are several products out there that also include Beta-Alanine and some other stimulants. Be careful when you see “proprietary blends” never quite sure what is in there. Stick with 100-220mg caffeine and 5 grams of aminos and that should give you a nice boost.
  5. Glutamine- Great supplement for gut health and recovery. A healthier gut will lead to better more solid gainz. 5 grams post workout should do the trick.