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Training mistakes you could be making

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  1. You try to out-train a bad diet

Sometimes it’s ok to live a little and have that cookie after dinner. But justifying “Five Guys” everyday after you do some treadmill running and bicep curls is not the way to get you to your goals. A good nutrition plan can exponentially enhance your program depending on your goal. The Fix- Eat less processed foods and drink a little more water you are accustomed to. Also, start tracking your food, it provides a sense of accountability for yourself because it forces you to write down all of the not so good stuff you consume. Remember, liquid calories are still calories.

  1. Not training for a specific goal

Not having a goal can lead you into a bear trap like hole called complacency. You go in to the gym unmotivated without any kind of direction. The Fix – Pick something and go for it. A 5k, or an obstacle course race, or just wanting to look better naked. It doesn’t matter, pick something and put a deadline on it.

  1. You have no organized program that you’re following

Your program slightly resembles what you would see on the days of the “Jersey Shore.” There are too many isolation exercises, such as bicep curls and calf raises compared to compound, multi joint lifts, such as squats and deadlifts. Now I am not saying curls and isolation exercises have no place in a good program, but they should not be prioritized over these other exercises. The Fix – Talk to someone to build you a program that will cover all the basis with respect to your goals.

  1. Not enough variance in your program

You’re the king or queen of the treadmill and or Stairmaster and have spent more time there than at work. Too much of your time at the gym is spent on “Steady state” cardio instead of mixing in shorter bouts of intense exercise. The Fix- Steady state is a good tool but it’s not the only one that needs to be sharpened in your toolbox. Quick and short workouts can help boost your ability to burn calories throughout a 48 hour period which can lead to quicker and better results. And you will spend less time in the gym and give you an opportunity to work on other aspects of your life.

  1. Not tracking progress in your workouts

This seems pretty simple, however, most of the time goes overlooked because we think, “Ya, I’ll remember this next week.” We are busy people and it is easy to think we are doing more than the week prior, but could be doing the same, maybe even less. This could stall our progress because our CNS and body is already used to that stimulus. The Fix– bring a notebook to the gym with you to ensure that you are going up every week. Not only track the weights, but track how the set went and how you felt.

  1. Training through an injury

Sore knee, back tight? A big mistake is not slowing down and pushing through pain with advil and other pain relieving products in order to get the session in. The Fix – First off, if it is serious pain or inhibiting your daily life in any way, go see a professional immediately. Secondly, if it is just a twinge or you got it checked out and seems to be ok, talk to your coach and see how they can modify the workout to get the proper stimulus. And then remember, if it is an upper body injury, you still have a lower body, and visa versa.