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What’s the deal with Vitamin D?

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What’s the deal with Vitamin D?




 Vitamin D has become a hot topic recently as studies have emerged showing a large percentage of Americans are deficient.


he body. Although most still call it a vitamin.


  Many of us know that vitamin D is important for bone health and density but it also has a number other important health benefits. Studies have shown deficient vitamin D levels have been linked to increased rates of allergies, infection, cardiovascular risk, diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, and even certain cancers such as breast cancer.


  The majority of our vitamin D comes from the interaction between cholesterol and sunlight in our skin. This means adequate sun exposure is necessary to maintaining adequate stores in our body.


 So how much sun do you actually need?? This varies wildly based on the following factors: skin type/tone, living location, time of day, time of year. The darker your skin and the farther from the equator, the more difficult it becomes for your body to create adequate vitamin D. Thus, living in the Connecticut can be a challenge.


Almost everyone living in our area is deficient to some extent. Routine lab work will help identify how low your levels may be. Proper supplementation can help correct those deficiencies in this important vitamin. Most people will be fine with 10iu’s per day but I have seen people who have needed up to 50iu’s per day. Be proactive in your health. A small change now can be hugely beneficial down the road.