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Why do we Compete?

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This weekend, Coach Fran and I competed in a competition at Bell City CF and I had a few thoughts. Well the comp was awesome and hope to see you guys at the next one. Now my mind is always racing and had me thinking about competition and the reason we do it.  First, we compete to evaluate our progress that we have been making against others. Secondly, we do it to identify weaknesses that we have, to adjust our training moving forward. Lastly, we do it because competing forces us to push harder than we would ever think to do on our own. It challenges the comfort zone that we all tend to fall into. 

But when you think about it, is it only a certain percentage of people that compete? No, we all compete in one way, we compete against ourselves. We challenge ourselves to be better, to push harder, and try to leave ourselves in a better situation than yesterday. In order to grow, this process is completed daily, sometimes happening in our subconscious.

So remember with whatever you do, you must reflect and evaluate how well you did and you need to improve upon. Also keep in mind, they do not need to be extraordinary results all the time. Small accomplishments build a strong foundation that always leads to something we could not visualize.

We are all Competitors.

Coach Batch

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