What is fusion Athletics ?

Fusion Athletics is a strength and conditioning facility located in Fairfield CT, specializing in Crossfit, functional training, increased athletic performance, and high intensity interval training (HIIT). We are here to assist you in all areas of health and fitness, from physicians and nutritionists, to massage therapy and acupuncture. Has it been awhile since you’ve last trained? Not to worry. All of our group workouts are “scalable” based on your current level of fitness. Our coaches can adjust any portion of the workout, so that you can complete each workout in a safe, fun manner. Workouts are generally completed in 45min – 1hr, including warm-up and cool down. Our primary focus is keeping you healthy and moving properly. Form and technique are paramount in all of our programs.

KMK Crossfit Hardwork

Group classes

Group classes are run by 1 coach and consist of 10–15 people/class, at all fitness levels (scalable). Classes focus on functional movement, through the use of kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, Olympic weight lifting and (some) gymnastics. Our group training sessions are constantly varied so you will not get bored with the same old routine. We keep you moving, properly.

client testimonial

  • Before Crossfit

    "When I started Crossfit KMK, I immediately was able to address some key factors that attributed to me going from very athletic and in shape as a young woman, to "not so in shape" - with bad knees, and starting over at age 50. I felt that the personal attention to my specific issues, along with the drive and diversity of the class were just what I need to get excited about evolving into the shape I had been in....and wanted to be in for the rest of my life. Jamie and his coaches are incredibly committed to helping each person grow at their own pace, and they challenge us to be the very best we can be. Not only do I feel invigorated and interested, but I also feel like the group has a family type atmosphere where everyone helps each other over their individual hurdles or challenges.
    Kim S
    Oct 22, 2014
  • Professional Hockey Player!

    "My first two years of professional hockey I spent far too much time sidelined with injuries. This is what lead to me to begin training with Jaime two summers ago. Pro hockey is game of longevity and Jaime was able to give me the one on one detailed approach to coaching me to my best shape yet. His attention to detail and doing things correctly have prepared me to my fullest and most successful seasons yet. He is an amazing motivator and makes coming into the gym fun each and every day. Jaime Defelice is a guy who is passionate about the sport, and its evident working with him."
    Hunter Bishop
    Jan 15, 2014
  • Nice Work

    "Throughout my collegiate and professional football career, Fusion Athletics was there to help me maximize my ability and my potential. Jamie, his staff and the Fusion Athletics training facility provide a top-notch training environment that allows each athlete to see a vast improvement as they go through their training cycle."
    Jan 1, 2013
  • You can't beat the price

    "As an athlete in general, regardless of your sport, if you're looking to get faster, quicker, stronger or more powerful, you can't find a better program! The results are there and they're almost guaranteed. It's a proven fact that if you do the program; you will get better if you work hard at (it), do it the right way and stay on a strict regimen with it."
    Dec 26, 2013
  • Commercial Pilot

    "I appreciate Crossfit KMK and what a difference it has made on my life. I have been out of the military for almost 14 years and have been looking for something; I just didn’t know what. Jogging was boring, the commercial gyms are more like night clubs and some push ups here, some bench press there just wasn’t doing it. The day I walked into your gym just 3 short months ago, I knew I had found something special. Crossfit–Varied, functional movements at high intensity. Couple that with your passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals. Your expert nutritional and fitness coaching. Your ability to make the training fun! Result – I’ve lost 30 pounds, and 4 inches off my waist. My lower back doesn’t bother me any more. My energy and focus is through the roof! The confidence I have in you, your Crossfit gym and your staff makes me proud to recommend Crossfit KMK to my family, friends and anyone who wants to improve the quality of their lives. Hands down the best return on investment I’ve ever made to my health."
    George S
    Dec 3, 2014

Fusion Athletics is proud to offer Online Coaching

What is Online coaching?

If you can’t make it to our facility on a regular basis, we can design specific programs for you to perform at your off site location.

How does online coaching work?

Contact us via email or phone, we can go over your thoughts and concerns and, identify your goals. From there we will develop a four week program just for you. You will come to our facility one time to review the program, then the rest is done via emailing videos.


Yes, as you perform your program take short videos of various exercises that you may feel you are not performing properly. We then can critique those videos and sent you a video back on what you may be doing wrong and how to fix it.

So basically you make one trip per month to us and all the rest is done on the web! Sounds pretty simple? It is and is very effective, you will still have a coach overseeing your programs to be sure form and technique are not suffering.

The cost for this plan is $150 per month and that includes 1 in house session, program design and, web support for the month.